First Planting Day of 2019

Today is the launch for "the “Māhuri Collective” and every student from Mt Pleasant is going home with a native seed that has been planted. With love and nurturing this seed will grow into a sapling (Māhuri) and can be planted in the school gardens during the development of our school’s environment. We have selected a range of native plants to grow that will fit in with the long-term landscaping plan that is currently being developed.

Please give this plant some love and nurturing to help it come to life. As it grows, we hope it will be a reminder for you to help us nurture the future of Mt Pleasant School by engaging with the Māhuri Collective. There are so many ways for you to engage, when it suits you, in many different ways - providing options for everyone.

We are looking for all and any type of engagement you can offer, and as we move through the build and development, more new projects will appear on the website. We have everything from signing up to donate your time in the future, when we need groups to help, through to gifts of things we need both large and small. If you’d prefer to simply donate money, we’d appreciate that, or if you’d like to donate specifically to one area, then we have options for you to do that as well!


Māhuri Collective is a place where we will be sharing many of the developments and dreams for Mt Pleasant, with the first phase of that being our build. This is a project that will take shape over time, and we hope that you can engage with us over that journey. We ask that you don’t just “tick-the-box” by visiting us once, but rather as regularly as you can, and when it suits.

Please spread word about Māhuri Collective as a way to engage with our children’s learning, and Mt Pleasant School’s position in the community. For every engagement we get on Māhuri Collective, that’s someone who makes a commitment or gift to MPS, we will add a new leaf onto our tree at school. Our hope is that our tree that starts off as just branches, will grow to be full of life and leaves.

Mark Townshend