Help our Māhuri to flourish


If we were to choose one goal for Māhuri Collective, it would be to see more and more engagement from our whole community around our school, and especially with the build project getting underway. Not only are we getting more classrooms and buildings, but we are creating ways to grow opportunities for engagement through the Hall and Discovery Hub. While we certainly need to raise enough funds to equip the buildings and landscaping as best we can, we want our metric for the project to be engagement, and believe that the donations will flow as a part of that. We recognise that everyone has different ways that they can and/or want to engage with the project and we recognise every engagement as valuable. When you make a commitment of a gift, time, or donation you will receive two of our cool leaf stickers. One of those you can put on the inside of your car window to quietly show those around us you have supported Māhuri. The second leaf sticker we want you to stick on our tree at Mt Pleasant School. The more and more engagements that we get with Māhuri, the more and more leaves we will see on our tree. Help us fill our tree with leaves!