Māhuri Collective is the platform Mt Pleasant School has developed to engage with our community with the goal of being able to fill our school with all the gear, plants, equipment and resources that we need to keep Mt Pleasant School’s students achieving greatness. We have a very engaged, positive community in Mt Pleasant. The hill and indeed Christchurch is full of students, current, past and future, so Māhuri Collective is a way to engage to help us build a meaningful legacy at Mt Pleasant School. We are looking for our wide Mt Pleasant community to gift and donate items, money or time to help make our vision for the school to come to life. We ask that you engage as best as you can, and as often as you can. Mahuri Collective will be regularly updated as we reach goals with engagement, gifts and the build itself.


The translation from Māori for Māhuri is “Sapling”. A big part of Mt Pleasant School’s development,is the greater environment. That means not only are we literally looking to plant saplings to see them grow, but we are also looking for ways to nurture our students to help them grow. With care small saplings can grow into mighty trees, and those trees can be a part of a larger forest. We have captured this idea in the launch of Māhuri Collective with each student taking home a newly planted native seed. Our hope is to see them grow these seeds into saplings that we can then plant into the schools development in the future.


Mt Pleasant Schools build is funded by the Ministry of Education. We have worked closely with the MoE throughout the development and are excited for the buildings to be built. We believe they will create the foundation for great learning and education of our students. Just as there are things that transform a House into being a Home, there are many things that we need to transform a Building into an amazing Learning Environment. The MoE provides us with a very small budget to equip our school, but to meet our aspirations we need much, much more. Our schools leadership has made a commitment to working within. the MoE applied budgets to purchase the things we need to meet our curriculum requirements, but that means everything above that, we sincerely need your engagement and help. For example, our Teachers require a screen to teach the modern curriculum effectively, and so these screens will be met from within our existing budget. On the other hand, our Discovery Hub / Library would immensely benefit from having its own screens, these screens are an example of what we are asking for your help to procure.


Mt Pleasant School, our designers and consultants have applied considerable thought to the items that have been selected and listed. With that said we certainly want to acknowledge that some specific items or models will likely vary between the time of gifting and the time of purchase. We will do our utmost to capitalise on the best available deals and models available at the time. Some of the products listed have been done so including the associated quoted installation costs or similar as well.


We appreciate how busy and committed everyone is, and so we have built Māhuri Collective to be as easy for you to use, engage and gift through as possible. As a function of that we have enabled the use of credit cards which attract a fee by using them of around 3%. If you would like to donate a significant amount of money, or one of our larger gifts ($500+) we would appreciate if you could use the Direct Credit function in payments to pay Mt Pleasant directly. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember your donations and gifts are tax deductible.

 how are engagements acknowledged?

We recognise that everyone in our community has differing levels to which they are able to engage with Māhuri Collective, however we see every engagement as valuable and worthy of acknowledgment. The traditional metric for fundraisers is a thermometer that rises towards the target, we wanted to approach this. differently. In the entrance to the school we have erected a large diagram of a tree. With each engagement we will add a leaf onto the tree so we can see it flourish. If you are a business or looking for a further acknowledgement inline with a larger donation we are certainly open to a conversation around this. Please feel free to contact us for more information. principal@mtpleasant.school.nz